The sources of financial problems – The impact and how to solve them

More or less all of us have faced financial challenges in any part of our life. People become stressed and worried by experiencing financial issues as it is directly related to money. However, people should know that like any other issue, financial problems also have a way out and that’s why getting depressed is not a suitable choice.

You can find the solution all by yourself. All you need is proper guidance and the right perspective to find a solution.

We will discuss here how to identify the root causes of financial problems. Apart from that, we will also talk about how you can overcome those difficulties and ease your stress.

#Identify the causes that create financial issues

The first step would be to identify the root cause that creates financial difficulties. Most of the financial problems may give you a sign that indicates a bigger issue. To find a long-term solution to your financial problems, you need to devote some time and discover the real source of evil that started the trouble.

Here are some common reasons that might cause serious financial issues:

  • 1. Moving into a high lifestyleThe impact – If you carry on living a high standard life, it may create serious financial issues regarding your monthly budget.

    Solution –You should change your habits and learn to live on your income rather than following others’ lifestyles. You must carry cash, not credit cards. This way you might solve money problems quite a bit

  • 2. Job loss or low incomeThe impact – A sudden job loss may push you to use credit cards again and again.

    Solution –Re-evaluate your lifestyle, create a budget, and follow it. If you are still working, try to save every month as much as possible to solve financial issues.

  • 3. Sudden illness or accidentThe impact – If any person faces this situation, he or she might also have to face the pressure of increased medical expenses. If that person has a low/no income state at that time, the situation gets worse.

    Solution –To solve financial issues, live a simple lifestyle. Ask your family and friends if you need help and guidance. Make sure you’re getting all the benefits you are entitled to.

  • 4. An addiction The impact – To satisfy the addiction you might be spending money out of your monthly budget, which destroys it.

    Solution –Get professional help and counseling to stop your addiction. If you can’t take any desperate measures on your own, ask your family members or friends. Without solving the addiction issue, you can’t overcome your financial problems.

  • 5. Marriage The impact – Getting married not only requires mental bonding between two persons but also needs financial adjustments. The wedding ceremony itself can cost you thousands unless you and your spouse adapt to a frugal approach to your marriage. Celebration amazes everyone, but the bills will only be charged to you! You need to pay for the luxuries, the big limousine, vintage wine bottles, expensive dining, and return gifts. In the end, you might find yourself in knee-deep debt.

    Solution –Go for a frugal way of having the marriage ceremony. Discuss with your partner how important it is to save money for your future.

  • 6. Having kidsThe impact –During pregnancy and childbirth, and also after having the baby, people may face a huge financial crunch as the total process of having a baby and caregiving require a serious amount of money. If you are the mother and taking maternity leave before and after the baby arrives, your monthly income might get a significant drop.

    Solution –Adjust your budget and your lifestyle to fit the reduced income and increased expenses. You need to reduce daily expenses and unnecessary costs in every part of your monthly budget. Initiating the envelope system might come in handy during such a crisis.

  • 7. DivorceThe impact – like marriage, divorce can also cost you a lot. The divorce procedure may divide all of your assets and funds between you and your spouse. If you are a father, have a baby, and the baby stays with the mother, then you might also have to bear the child support cost. Your court order for child support might say that child support payments are due every week or once a month.

    Solution – You might appeal to the court on the court order or discuss it with your spouse and come to an arrangement if you like.

  • 8. RetirementThe impact –You’ve now become an asset-rich person with a low cash income. You can no longer live a life that requires high expenses.

    Solution –Sell some of your assets and move into an affordable home. What you have left in your hands, invest that, and enjoy life.

  • 9. Leave emotional attachmentThe impact – You might be having something that you can no longer afford. It might be your car, your home, or your business. You may not need these assets practically but regularly paying up for them. This might hamper your finances and put an effect on your monthly budget.

    Solution –Set emotions aside and think beyond. You must consider the situation from a financial perspective. What would be your financial status if you dropped these things from your expenses? Do you need them so desperately? You might find that leaving such expenses will save you a lot for the future.


Your problem may not be listed above or might be more complex. However, the concept of identifying your specific problem is important for all of your financial issues. You should focus on solving the problem by identifying the root cause. Also, you should solve money problems one by one, depending on how they are affecting your finances and your peace of mind.

The task is not at all easy; but by setting some clear priorities for yourself, identifying the root causes, and finding the ways to achieve these goals, you can be a winner and at the same time, put an end to the financial stress. Best of luck!